Totally Axesome Owners Kevin and Jessica Rouse
Totally Axesome Axe Haus Owners!

The Axe Haus Represents:

● Family owned/operated axe throwing entertainment & sporting establishment
● 1st entertainment venue of its kind within a 30-mile radius, and even further southbound.
● Adherence to “World Axe Throwing League” (WATL) regulations, including but not limited to; safety guidelines, rules of play, and sportsmanship.
● Diversification of, and seamless cross-promotion between ‘The Axe Haus’ and neighboring commercial businesses and clientele.
● A main goal of providing a memorable experience for all patrons of ‘The Axe Haus’ that
fosters repeating customers.

The Axe Haus Mission Statement:

Our creed is: Be Self Made. The Axe Haus aims to provide access to an otherwise non-existent entertainment outlet for various ages and/or abilities in North Port and surrounding communities. The main focus of The Axe Haus is promoting an active lifestyle, in a safe and fun environment, while championing friendly competition, and most importantly, creating memorable moments with family and friends.

The Axe Haus Crew:

The Axe Haus was born out of a desire to provide a safe, fun and active, sporting, and entertainment option for North Port and surrounding areas. We promote spending quality time and making lifelong memories with Family and Friends. Our Axe Haus Family is one of the most import aspects of our business and we admire each and every one of our Axesome crew members. We are sure you will love them too.


Axe Haus Owner

Kevin is married to Jessica, his high school sweetheart and together they have made one incredible daughter (he gives most of the credit to his irreplaceable wife). Kevin was born and raised in Sarasota, FL. He moved to North Port with his family 20 years ago, before North Port even had a Wal-Mart. Kevin takes pride in his past lives as a United States Coast Guard Boatswain’s Mate, where he traveled the world on the USCGC Polar Sea, his 18+ years as a Special Operations Firefighter/EMT, and as a coach for both the North Port High School Bobcats Softball and Baseball programs. You’ll often see him advocating for those who can’t advocate for themselves and painting the town with his service dog Siren the Great. Kevin is a lover of all things fun and is committed to safety first in all arenas of life. His family is always number one and he enjoys vacationing, advocacy, and obviously is the best Axe Thrower at The Haus.


Axe Haus Owner

Jessica is married to Kevin, her high school sweetheart and together they have made one incredible daughter. Jessica is originally from Long Island, NY, but has been a Sarasota Resident for 30+ years, 20 of those in North Port. The Axe Haus was conceived from Jessica’s given name – Hausken. Jessica is Norwegian-American and what Norwegian-American doesn’t like to throw Axe’s? Family is everything at our Haus! In her spare time she works as an Integrations Analyst at a large healthcare system in Southwest Florida. She loves spending time with her family at The Axe Haus, vacationing, and snowy winters! Jessica’s favorite holiday is Thanksgiving and her birthday, because you don’t have to watch what you eat on those days.


Axe Haus General Manager and Resident Axe Sharpener

Chris is a 25+ year Firefighter/EMT (Lieutenant). He is passionate about Public Safety, Family, helping the community, and of course, Axe Throwing! Chris will be coaching Axe Haus Patrons on proper throwing techniques, ensuring that they can consistently and safely stick axes into the Axe Haus Targets.


Axe Haus Station Officer and home brewer

Mike is an experienced Axe Thrower from Illinois and brews some awesome Beer! Like all Axe Haus Crew Mike is dedicated to his family! You’ll primarily see Mike on the weekends where you are sure to become an Axpert in no time! By the way.. What a sweet beard!

Siren the Great

Axe Haus Mascot

Siren is a German Sheprador Service Animal! He is a specially trained working canine that provides medical assistance to our owner and also fosters service animal awareness in the community. Siren is well traveled, crossing our great nation numerous times. When Siren is not working, he is a typical fun loving pup. He loves snuggles, giving lots of kisses, playing catch, and swimming in the pool. Oh by the way he loves salty nuts!

We are officially open.. Contact the Axe Haus Crew to schedule a Totally Axesome Event or to reserve a station rental!

7040 Sumter Crossing Dr.
North Port, FL 34287
941-426-AXES (2937)