The Axe Haus Represents:

● Family owned/operated axe throwing entertainment establishment
● 1st entertainment venue of its kind within a 30-mile radius, and even further southbound.
● Adherence to “World Axe Throwing League” (WATL) regulations, including but not limited
to; safety guidelines, rules of play, and sportsmanship.
● Diversification of, and seamless cross-promotion between ‘The Axe Haus’ and neighboring
commercial businesses and clientele.
● A main goal of providing a memorable experience for all patrons of ‘The Axe Haus’ that
fosters repeating customers.

The Axe Haus Mission Statement:

The Axe Haus aims to provide access to an otherwise non-existent entertainment outlet for various ages and/or abilities in North Port and surrounding communities. The main focus of The Axe Haus is promoting an active lifestyle, in a safe and fun environment, while championing friendly competition, and most importantly, creating memorable moments with family and friends.

The Axe Haus Crew:



The Axe Haus was born out of a desire to provide a safe, fun, and active entertainment option for North Port and surrounding areas. Kevin and Jessica are native Floridians and North Port
residents for over 20 years. Kevin and Jessica have one daughter who recently graduated
from North Port High School and is currently attending college. In our spare time we enjoy
exploring new places full of adventure and learning. Family is everything at our Haus!



Kevin is a United States Coast Guard military veteran where he traveled the world on the USCG Polar Sea. He is an 18+ year Special Ops Firefighter/EMT. Kevin is a lover of all things fun and is committed to safety first in all arenas of life. Jessica is a 20+ year employee of a large health care system in southwest Florida with a vast background in
health-related information technology.


Assistant Manager

Kendal is a long time resident of North Port, FL. She is a graduate of North Port High School and
is currently in college to become a Surgical Technologist. Kendal has knowledge of basic first aid and is CPR certified. She is confident and goal-oriented. Kendal is a single mom and
understands the importance of hard work, dedication to be better, and how the support of her family as made her into the highly motivated woman she is today. In her spare time Kendal enjoys
spending time with her family and friends.

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